We are now fully moved in to our new place down in Spanish Point. Wandering around the area makes me think there are quite a few good photo-opportunities, like the one on the right. I have started a new set called Green-Brown – sparked by a conversation with a friend. I hope to add a […]

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On the Move


We are on the move – from our current temporary residence to our new place in Spanish Point. All this upheaval affects Hamish – as soon as he senses as he may be put in his cage, he literally drags himself into hiding under a very low chair. Dragging him back out is difficult – […]

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BBC News posted a story today about blobby electric hire cars being used in Cordoba, Spain. This is the sort of thing which needs to happen in Bermuda to 1) give tourists an alternative option to scooters and 2) to help the environmental impact (mosts rental scooters are still two-stroke). Personally, I am all for […]

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Party Weekend


This weekend was a bit of a Party weekend. On Friday night we helped a friend celebrate her birthday in style in Little Venice restaurant (where I took the picture on the right), followed by drinks in the new Little V Wine Bar. A late night. On Saturday we had a great meal in Coconuts […]

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Delete Me


I am currently afflicted with a dose of flickritis, and have decide to put my sensibility to the test by submitting the photo on the right to the Delete Me group. Here photos are critiqued (=savaged) by other photogs and a decision is made to delete or save the shot. Antihistamine cream is at the […]

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The Perfect Recipe


Take one beautiful evening, add a generous handful of sailboats of differing sizes, increase the temperature to about 30 degrees centigrade, mix with good company and wash down with a few midly alcoholic beverages, possibly Dark and Stormies.

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Camping Out


I am camping out at home today, getting down to some serious web development work (honestly). Such a shame as the weather is fantastic outside, but my to-do list is growing and I have to tackle it instead of going to the beach. It is Wednesday, so I do plan to go sailing later on, […]

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There are new buildings going up all over Hamilton at the moment. Some are offices, others condo developments, but in the main they share one common factor: their carbuncle factor. Many do not suit their surroundings, a few are just downright ugly, and some are based upon designs from the 80’s, and I do not […]

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Man About Town


I spent most of the day around town trying to sort out domestic items such as electricity, wireless internet and looking for outdoor furniture. I did have some luck with those items, which gave me time to spend taking photos in town, and in the gardens at the Royal Palms, where I took some photos […]

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I have just spent some time in Hamish’s modelling studio (i.e on the bed) trying to get some photos whilst he attempted to take a catnap. The resulting photos in all their black & white glory can be viewed here.

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