I am currently off-island visiting Washington DC on business. The only thing bigger here than the malls are the egos of the politicians. It certainly is a beautiful city though – lots of trees and open space, but also lots of traffic. I hope to catch up on a few games of squash, take some […]

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Stuck on the Dock


Another Saturday means another day of sailing cancelled. Two weeks ago it was for lack of wind – this week it is because there is too much of it. Gusts of up to 40 knots accompanied Tropical Storm Philippe, which threatened to come close to Bermuda but ended up heading off to pick a fight […]


Mattress Heaven


After 7 weeks of waiting, our beds, furniture, clothing, crockery, pictures, pots and pans and other miscellanea have arrived from the UK. And about time. The air mattress we have been sleeping on is nice, but it cannot compare to our Tempur-pedic mattress, arguably the best investment we ever made. Sweet dreams are made of […]

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The problem about being back at work is I no longer have the ability to sleep late or have a catnap mid-afternoon. Couple that with the fact that I am already very busy at work and I start to appreciate the leisure time I had. No more so than after the last night of Wednesday […]

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Who remembers that old joke? The answer being a newspaper, of course. Well now that description applies to me. I have spent the last few days concentrating on B&W photos – but as we also went to the beach and I got a bit toasted in the sun, that description definitely applies to me too. […]

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Gin O’Clock


As this was another(!) weekend of no sailing, it meant another bout of furniture shopping after a couple of chores in the morning. The net result was a pair of Adirondack chairs for the garden (pictured) – perfect for that afternoon cocktail in the sun at gin o’clock, or for tea and scones. Last night […]

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Wednesday night means sailing, so after a mad dash down East Broadway to arrive late at the dock, we made our way into Hamilton Harbour to find the Race Committee. We are told that a cruise ship is leaving so the start will be delayed by some 30 minutes (or is that 30 beverages?). We […]

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I have started work at last, which means I am spending my daytimes in a new office. The office building I am currently (temporarily) located in is designed with reflections in mind. There are mirrored surfaces everywhere, which makes for great ambient light – the outside, lobby and various floors all reflect a bright new […]

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Dead Calm


So much for sailing. The hurricane/tropical storm seemed to suck all the wind away with it, so the Race Committee cancelled – but only after we were halfway out to the racecourse. That meant that the weekend was spent shopping for household things rather than on the water – guess what I would have preferred…Anyway, […]

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Hurricane Nate passed without too much ado, leaving the forecast looking good for the weekend. A storm always brings extra humidity, but that has thankfully dissipated too. Today I plan to buy myself some new Bermuda Shorts and take in a coffee made with locally roasted beans at Rock Island, probably one of the most […]

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