Dry Cycle


I am confined to the house at the moment after managing to injure my ankle playing squash. This means spending lots of time with my leg up on ice, and spending very little time out of doors, which means little opportunity to take photos. I even had to turn down a spot sailing today on […]

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There is something nice about transitioning from somewhere cold to somewhere warm – especially when you have forgot what it is like to be cold. The weather here is still more summer than winter, although I have had to start wearing my rain jacket as the showers tend to come unexpectedly. The other day I […]

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Leaving Boston


OK, it’s early (6am) on a Saturday and it’s 2 degrees centigrade outside. You quickly forget how cold it gets at this time of year in other parts of the world. I did not even bring a jacket for this trip, which was a bit silly, but in Bermuda you don’t think about jackets until […]

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OK, so here I am in Boston, in an area which is pretty much a corporate grid of head offices on a grand scale. Every office seems to have an abundance of mirror-like glass and strange angles. Even the addresses are corporate – Sun Microsystems have their office here on One Network Drive – how […]

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Boston Bound


I am spending the next week in Boston, having touched down today. The first thing I noticed was the cold – it is chilly here, and the second thing I noticed is that my “compact” rental car is 3 times the size of my car in Bermuda. I am staying in the middle of nowhere, […]

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Unless you are a politician. I happened to walk past a local politico today and noticed how cheesy he looked, particularly his sunglasses. Has anyone ever seen a politician in a cool pair of sunglasses? This chap was wearing a pair from the 70’s – and they matched his suit, which is even worse. Even […]

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Vince was not Here


So tropical depression Vince failed to cause a stir here, but the weather still managed to serve up some great layered cloud shots. It turns out that there is only one name left for the Atlantic storm season this year – Wilma. Looking at some of those names for the next couple of years, you […]

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It’s funny how a simple closeup shot with some subtle image manipulation can make all the difference. I made some minor adjustments to a photo I took of Hamish and posted it to Flickr, only to receive a whole raft of comments – helping to turn Hamish into a bit of a star – he […]

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Back on the Rock


After a hectic week in Washington DC I am back in Bermuda, enjoying the weather and glad to be back to home cooking – the food in DC was great, but those helpings are just too much (and I guess I don’t have to eat it all). I took some snaps from the plane as […]

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Safe at Last


One of the great things about Flickr is the ability to be able to submit your favourite photos to the DeleteMe! group so they can be critiqued (read: savaged) by fellow flickr members. If they get enough votes, they go to the Safe. The comments are often harsh, but also constructive in many cases, and […]

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