A Close Shave


I don’t tend to shave on Sundays. It is the only day of the week when I go unshaven. It is nice not to have to go through the ritual of subjecting myself to cuts, nicks and using toilet tissue as bloody blotting paper. But there is something strangely satisfying about not shaving – and […]

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Hamish dot cat


Not sure what it is about working at home on the laptop, but Hamish can’t resist staring at the screen, wandering over the keys and generally causing mayhem. Yesterday he managed to put the laptop into standby at one stage, and then managed to trigger a Google search for aa. This leaves me wondering about […]

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A Day of Thanks


Today is Thanksgiving in the US, and a day off for me. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but it is still a day to reflect upon things I should be thankful for. After seeing the 58,000 names at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC last week, not being in a country at war is definitely […]

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Goodbye to DC


After a two-week stint here in Washington DC, I am looking forward to getting back to Bermuda. The trip has given me some interesting experiences, such as: 1) Being asked to delete photos from my camera, after taking some interesting lighting shots in a stairwell at a mall parking lot. It seems that cameras and […]

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Being located so close to the centre of political power in the US really engages people in their views. Many of the people I have met here have strong opinions on the state of the union, the war in Iraq and gas prices. Awareness over what is happening in the senate is prevalent. I imagine […]

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A Sense of Sadness


Washington DC is some place. It inspires awe for being the seat of government, with some monolithic political buildings and grand avenues, but it also inspires a great deal of sadness – witness the Lincoln Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, Arlington Cemetery or the Vietnam War Memorial and you come away with a feeling of shock […]

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Rear Window


I am staring out of my hotel window, taking in the nightscape around me. The rain adds an eerie effect and I can feel the cold through the window pane. People are making their way home from the mall after shopping, eating, and voting. Voting, because today was election day here, and the news is […]




I am back in DC for another stint. The weather here is pretty much the same as Bermuda, which is nice. Traffic is not, though. Being stuck in a traffic jam at 3:30 in the afternoon is not my idea of fun. Apparently, the highway I was stuck on – the I66 – becomes HOV […]

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Classic Rugby


One of the best events of the year takes place this month in Bermuda. The World Rugby Classic mixes sports and social – and today saw the kick-off of this event in blazing sunshine. The favourites of the day – the Lions and the Springboks, both won out over North American competition.

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