One of the great things about living on a sub-tropical island is the fact that you can go to the beach on Christmas Day, drink champagne and enjoy the warm temperatures with your fellow ex-patriates. This year was especially temperate, with blue skies, sun, and santa hats in abundance. Some people even ventured in the […]

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No Loitering


I was walking to the office today past City Hall and the temporary bus stop they have in place at City hall car park. As I made my way through the rows of pink buses spewing carbon monoxide fumes out into the beautiful surrounding air, I noticed a sign had been put up on one […]

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Sleep Monster


With the colder weather setting in, we have had to start using a quilt on the bed to keep warm. This is great, because it is nice and toasty, but bad because Hamish just loves to cuddle up – and cuddle up really close. I woke up last night to find him curled up right […]


Winter Sets In


After braving the cold and snow of Washington DC last week, I was eager to get back to the (relative) warmth of Bermuda. As it is, the northerly winds mean that I had to pull my gloves on for the first time yesterday to ride the scooter. The wind is certainly adding a chill to […]




I’m stuck in Washington after too many inches of snow overnight. My flight was cancelled so I am here for another day. Not many people showed up to the office either – it’s a good excuse to take the day off. Walking around in the freezing air is difficult – especially when your head is […]

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There is snow on the ground here in Washington DC, and more is expected tomorrow. The temperature here is about 35F lower than Bermuda, and it’s so cold that I had to buy myself a pair of gloves. The nice thing about the snow is that it makes it really feel like Christmas. Today at […]

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