A Wee Dram


On Saturday Night we celebrated Burns Supper with some friends old and new. It gave me a chance to crack open a bottle of Glenury Royal – one of my favourites from the Rare Malts collection. I also had to perform the Ode to a Haggis – not something my Sassenach accent is well suited […]

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Travel Time


Travel is a great way to people-watch. I noticed on this trip that quite a few people travel in velour suits – almost like pyjamas – I guess because they are comfortable. Personally, I prefer my Rohan Globetrotter travel suit. Also, I have become an avid reader of Skymall magazine – mainly because it contains […]


Imagine where we would be without Early Warning Systems. We would run out of petrol, suffer from smoke inhalation or die in a nuclear holocaust. But it could be worse – if Hamish had been a Manx. The lack of a tail would have probably left me maimed on more than one occasion. Why? Because […]

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I am not sure what is going on right now. Several friends have announced impending engagements, marriages and/or children. There must be something in the Bermuda water – and seeing as most of our drinking water comes from the skies, is captured on our roofs, filtered into tanks below our houses, and then (crudely) filtered […]

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Philadelphia Airport, January 3rd 2006. It was like half the population of the continental US had congregated at Gate 25 of Terminal C to get on one of the 3 delayed flights going out of there. The atmosphere inside was tropical, caused by the heated tempers of the people trying desperately to get on the […]

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Looking Ahead


2005 was a turbulent year for us. We quit our jobs, left Hamish in a cattery and travelled for a number of months, and then we moved back to Bermuda. We realised that before arriving back in Bermuda, we had managed to visit 9 beaches in 2005. They included beaches at Sealbourne and Tofino on […]

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