It was whilst watching a Bond movie the other night that I noticed that no-one seemed to have realised that the baddie had built a massive underground lair/nuclear missile guidance base right in the middle of the island, under a lake. In fact, Mr. Bond stumbled upon it quite by accident. Lucky that. You would […]


Last weekend on Sunday I decided to take my lead from Hamish and only do what he did all day. Call it an animal experiment. So I slept, watched some TV, went to the bathroom a few times, slept some more, yawned a bit, cleaned myself, then slept again. It was pretty exhausting stuff. Eventually […]


The third Monday in February is celebrated as President’s Day in the US – to celebrate the birthday of George Washington, but also Abe Lincoln as it turns out. George was born on the 11th in the old calendar, 22nd in the new calendar, and Abe on the 12th. There was apparently a point in […]


Mapping Bermuda


I think it’s great when technology is used to enrich the lives of people in general, especially when that technology is software-based, being in that field myself. One of the best things to be developed recently is Google Maps – which gives you the ability (using ajax technology) to click and drag your way around […]

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Stupid Cupid


Yes, it’s Valentines Day, or should I say ‘Hallmark Day’. It is a day most men dread in case they do the wrong thing, or just plain forget a card/present/insert hallmark item here. Scott Adams, the author of the Dilbert comic strip and blog, has a hilarious article on not waiting. As for me – […]


Weather for Ducks


It looks like we have been suffering the fringes of that massive Nor’easter which pounded the East Coast over the weekend. But instead of snow we just had rain and wind, and a lot of it. Bermuda can be a pretty miserable place to be when the wind is howling and the rain is driving […]

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Superbowl XL


One of the interesting things about being in the North American region at this time of year is Superbowl – and this year’s event was Superbowl XL (which is 40 in Roman numerals for all you luddites who thought it applied to the players’ girths or spectators appetites). The problem for TV stations is that […]