Hamish Fan Club


A while back someone mentioned that Hamish should have his own fan club. I thought that might be a good idea, but realised that him being a cat means that I would have to do all the work, as he doesn’t like to over-extend himself (unless it’s to stretch, that is). So, if you were […]


Following on from my Everyday Superhero post, I decided to think about those individuals I meet on a day to day basis that I would class as everyday evil villains. This is what I came up with: Villain #1: (Mad) Catwoman Alias: Tabby-tha of the Nine LivesPowers: Has the ability to overwhelm you with furry […]


Some people have ideas of what the future will look like. They like to be called visionaries. When looking ahead, others like to think of going boldly where no man has gone before, in that Star Trek sort of way (and I mean Classic, not Next Generation). My own personal view is that there are […]


Everyday Superhero


Yesterday whilst recovering from the after-effects of a whisky tasting evening, I got thinking about what superhuman attributes I possessed, and what persona I would adopt to use those abilities. This is what I came up with: Superhero #1: ClumsoAlias: The Man with the Two Left Feet.Powers: Has the ability to make any baddie become […]




I am hopping on a plane this morning to head back to Bermuda. This is the usual sequence of events for me on board: I will doze off as soon as the seat belt light goes on… only to wake myself up 20 minutes later with the 110 decibel blast of one of my own […]


I’m in Washington DC right now, enjoying the phenomenal political intellect and the soothing sub-tropical temperatures. As they say in Scotland, aye right. One of the main things I notice here is the number of SUVs on the roads, and the number advertised on TV. And the thing is, even after seeing several hundred adverts, […]


In Vino Veritas


I’m a big fan of wine, particularly red wine. OK, it’s not quite like a drop of the black stuff, but I am quite partial to a tipple of Greg Norman Shiraz, Ravenswood Zinfandel or Benziger Pinot Noir. And there aren’t many alcoholic drinks that have entire sites devoted to their health-giving qualities – after […]


Milking It


Yesterday I took a stroll around Spittal Pond in the hope of getting some exercise, and grabbing some nice photos Of course I took my camera, which means that I did not actually get much exercise at all, as I stopped every 10 steps to take a photo. On my walk I bumped into one […]


Boat Reflections


Yesterday marked the start of the Saturday Sailing Season. This is normally a day I relish, but yesterday was different; because I was feeling slightly “tender”, and because it was blowing old boots. Actually, it started out blowing baby bootees, then progressed to blowing new boots, but by the end of the day they were […]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day ! Today also just happens to be my Birthday. That’s both good and bad. Why? Because there is always a party on my Birthday (good) Because Guinness just happens to be my favourite tipple (especially good) Because Guinness just happens to be my favourite tipple (not so good on Saturday morning) […]