After my first post about non-alcolholic drinks, I follow up with a second (wonders never cease). Being on the West Coast really focuses me on one of my favourite non-alcoholic beverages – coffee. Here in San Francisco Peets seems to be the brand of choice, although Starbucks still does well because you get the same, […]


Dark Thoughts


I am travelling again, this time en route to San Francisco, home of the witty columnist Mark Morford. This time it is for pleasure rather than business. I needed to take time off the Vitamin Water – my bladder could not handle it. Six hours of flying with minimal snacks gives one a lot of […]


It’s not often I find myself writing about something non-alcoholic, so this is a rarity, but I have to say that recently I have become quite partial to these trendy sport drinks, particularly to vitamin water. I just can’t get enough of it. But there is one problem, which causes endless minutes of agony … […]


Simple Things


It’s always nice when I find simple things which make me smile. Here are some this week: Speaking in TonguesEver thought of learning a new language? How about the OLP? I speak a few languages, but this one would certainly be different. And it would probably help me converse better with my work colleagues…but would […]




I am currently in Washington DC, and the area I am working in is a vehicle vortex, an automotive abyss. Driving here is like having teeth pulled in a busy waiting room, it’s so painful. There are so many cars, the jams are thicker than the marmalade that has been in my refrigerator for the […]


Hotel Living


I do a lot of business travel, so I spend a lot of my time in hotels at the moment. Normally it’s not as nice a place as the Hotel Monaco I stayed at this weekend – usually it is a characterless business hotel where all the corridors and rooms look the same. But regardless […]


Do you ever have that situation where you don’t have enough cash to buy lunch, but feel embarrassed paying for a $5 sandwich with a credit or debit card? I experienced that today. I hate paying small sums by debit card. Why? It really annoys me when other shoppers in front of me pull out […]


Well, now the squash is over I can get back to my usual (almost) daily routine of blog-posting. Apologies for the disruption – normal service should now be resumed. I had to make a trip to the hospital the other day for an MRI. I think I have actually been for one before, but the […]


It has been a busy week so far, and my brain (and my crackberry) are just overflowing with things I want to put down on (electronic) paper. So here are just a few of the random thoughts which have sprung to mind this week: Why is the grass always greener?. Why is it never browner, […]


Mondays. Who needs them? Personally, I don’t like them. For some reason I am always find myself doing stupid things on a Monday. As I am normally such a careful person every other day of the week, this really is completely out of character. But why Mondays? Is there some psychological or subliminal feeling which […]