– Imagine that one or more people decide to worship Hamish – Imagine if they called themselves cat-holics – Imagine if the main worshipper called himself a purr-riest – Imagine if that main worshipper wore a special “collar” to differentiate himself from other worshippers – Imagine that the worshippers built a structure where they could […]


Getting Shirty


I’m weird. You know why? Because I love ironing. I really do prefer to iron my own shirts. Generally I am very lazy though, so I tend to iron every day just before I go to work, which is not very productive. But once in a while (i.e. this week) I manage to summon up […]


A is for …


Absence. I took a week or so off blogging to let some things sink in. Anyway, I am happy to report that I am back, and that I realised tonight that most of my favourite foods begin with ‘A’ too: – Avocado– Asparagus– Artichoke– Almonds– Ale of the Guinness variety And the good thing is […]


Yesterday was a sad day. A great man passed away. He was a country gentleman, a veterinarian, a devoted husband, a loving father, and a man respected in his community. He was also my Grandfather. I remember many fine things about him, but the following facts persist: The fact that he bought my fishing rod […]


San Fran Randoms


Just some quick things I have seen or heard during my trip to the West Coast: 1) Sign on a bus: No Standees Permitted. I had a seat – does that make me a “sittee”? 2) Chalkboard in a Restaurant: Stressed? Is just desserts spelled backwards. That made me smile. 3) Line from a TV […]


Beauty Defined


Beauty is a strange thing – you see it everywhere, but everyone sees it differently. But the strangest thing is something I saw on a news stand last week. There was an issue of People Magazine announcing the 100 most beautiful people in the world. All the usual (airbrushed) suspects there then – Angelina, Brad, […]


One of the things I made sure on this trip was to hire a car with GPS. It saves the hassle of trying to find my way round an unfamiliar area. Generally, it has been worth its weight in gold, but on several occasions – especially in areas with twisty turns – it gets lost, […]


Taking a Stroll


There are several recurring themes I have noticed whilst I am here in California. One of the main ones is the proclamation everywhere – PED XING. There are two things I can say about this: 1) It shows the American penchant for distilling the English language down to its lowest level 2) It’s completely redundant, […]