Seeing Things…


My eyes just are not what they used to be. The other day I was panic-browsing a popular web site when I thought I saw the link: Change Your Religion It turns out it said something much more mundane (Change Your Region), which is a pity, because it would be great to be able to […]


Mix and Match


Seen today on the side of a van: Richies Disco and Cycle Services Does that means he does Discos whilst riding a bicycle? Does that mean he can fit my Vespa out with some of those wacky lights you only notice at the nightclub when you have had too much to drink? Or does it […]


Technology is becoming all-pervasive. Today it was reported that many Al-Qaeda documents were found on a USB drive in the debris after the al-Zarqawi missile attack. That’s the problem with those removable pen-drives, flash-drives and portable hard-disks – it is difficult to secure them, and even easier to lose them. I keep a lot of […]


Isn’t it just typical – you go to the Express Queue at the supermarket because you have cash and are in a hurry, only to find that it takes longer than any other line. Still, it gives you time to read some of the great headlines from the various magazines on display: – Lose weight […]