100% Natural


I noticed yesterday when buying lunch at the supermarket hot counter that nearly every dish had chicken in it. There was baked chicken, ginger chicken, charcoal chicken, chicken pasta and even some chicken nuggets. That got me thinking – was there a surplus of the aforementioned fowl? I then cast my mind back to a […]


…it means it’s raining. Hard. And in Bermuda that means torrential rain, aka Tank Rain. People here are so affected by the elements that even office workers stop their work to congregate and stare out the windows at the precipitation. Rain is particularly hard on scooter riders. Things you will see vespistas doing when the […]

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Allow me to set the scene: you live on a tropical island, the sun is shining, and the weather is warm. Where is the last place you would wish to be on the weekend? The Office. But that’s where I have spent most of the time this weekend. That’s one of the downsides of working […]


Welcome to another drink-related post, following my previous two entries on the subject (both non-alcoholic). Recently I have been having second thoughts about my alcohol consumption, after over-indulging one too many times in the last ten days. Yes, I have been known to take a month off the sauce, usually in January (for obvious reasons, […]

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Boating Blues


I love sailing. I race pretty much every weekend, and being on a sailboat in Bermuda is one of the best things you can do. Even when you have a bad day with bad results. Which is what we had on Saturday. One of the things about sailing is that you get to despise power […]

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A Light House


You don’t have to tell me. I know. I still haven’t picked up that paintbrush and put it to canvas. The whole point of my taking up photography was to find some interesting shots which I could then paint. Those paintings would then be used to supplement the prints I already own, and to fill […]

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Mostly Sunny…


Saturday was a big day – England playing Portugal in the World Cup, Canada Day celebrations and a big American Independence Day party. And we were sailing. I checked out the weather forecast on the TV before heading to the dock and it read “Mostly sunny. 85 degrees. Wind 8-12 knots SSW.” There were 3 […]