Pip Pip Away


Pip, aka Phil, aka Chadders is leaving Bermuda this weekend. I met Phil on my first visit to the island in 1996, and have known him since then. What can I say about Phil? – He looks like George Harrison and sounds like Ringo Starr– He loves his Vespas and Lambrettas– He liked to call […]

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Cool or Safe?


It is a question I often struggle with. When riding my Vespa do I want to look good or protect myself. Some scenarios: – Rain – do I wear shirt and shorts like a carefree caribbean, or full foul-weather rain gear like an ocean-going sailor? The problem with this conundrum is that if I opt […]

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My morning regimen normally includes a cocktail of Vitamin C mixed with Berocca. I follow this up with some Bolthouse Green Goodness – a green fruit smoothie containing lots of good stuff, including Spirulina. Then I go and play squash. The problem with the Green Goodness is that it tastes so good. Too good, in […]

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Cold Cut


I am a big fan of food. The only reason I do so much exercise is so I can eat a lot – if I didn’t play squash I would be 300 pound s and ugly. Instead, I’m just… Anyway, one of the best things about eating is reheating, or not, as the case may […]

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Queue for a View


As of today I have reached a major Flickr milestone – 500 photos uploaded and 33,700 views – in just over a year on the site. And when you consider that for every photo I upload, I have taken at least 10 more, that’s a lot of photos. As a point in case, at the […]

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Handy Man


It is official. I like using my hands. There is something in me that really likes to be creative with them. That usually involves one of the following: – Coding. After more than 10 years in the IT business, I still only type with two fingers. Some people may not think it is that creative, […]

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