Flying Billboards


I have spent a lot of time flying recently. One of the things I noticed was the fact that airlines are cashing in on any blank space found inside the aircraft. On a recent US Airlines flight, the tray tables had advertising for Splenda on them. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing something on an […]


Elevator Stares


I ride an elevator every day. (Oops, in proper English, I should say I take the lift each day). Anyway, it is probably the slowest ride in the world, taking at least 5 minutes to climb four stories. The problem with riding in elevators is that everyone always tries to avoid your stare – or […]




I had a hair cut yesterday. The conversation generally goes something like this: “Number one. Leave it a bit longer at the front. Nothing for the weekend. Thanks very much.” The big issue is that I always end up with a neck full of hair. Those short, shaved strands end up on my shirt collar, […]

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My Big Head


I recently noticed that my scooter helmet leaves a big red mark on my forehead after I take it off. It is pretty unsightly and takes a while to dissipate. The helmet is fibreglass and does not change size in the heat, which only leads me to one conclusion: I think my head is growing. […]

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Six Word Story


I have recently become a fan of the Six Word Story group in Flickr. It’s a pool where you post photos where the title is a six word story. For the photo here, the title was “Unread, Her Letter Remained Locked Away”. I have posted several other shots to this pool. Ernest Hemingway was once […]

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Being away in a city allows me to experience things I would not normally in Bermuda. Carrying a wallet full of dollar bills for tips is just one of them… Whilst in Central Park last week I came across the Wollman Skating Rink. This is surprising because a) it is one of two rinks in […]

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Travel Twists


I have been travelling again, which is good for observations but bad for blogging. Managing your entire electronic life via a Blackberry is achievable, but not optimum. The strange thing is that if regular computer keyboards were adapted for thumb-typing, I would be able to work more effectively. I can thumb-type faster than an organgutan. […]