1200 children under the age of five die. That’s a horrifying statistic. Adblock In a break from tradition, I am not posting one of my pictures today. Instead I am posting a short video clip associated with something close to my heart – the Kathmandu Kids Club. The kids in the video are a few […]

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I am always looking out for anomalies in the fabric of the universe, or as I like to call them, obstacles on the checkerboard of life. I guess I sometimes think that “The Matrix” could actually be true and we are all just living in a world devised by someone else. Some of my most […]

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Fences and Lines


I walked past a neighbour’s house the other day. There were little flags all around the garden with the caption “Invisible Fence” on them. Now – maybe I am being a little bit stupid here, but aren’t invisible fences supposed to be, uh, invisible? I am sure that someone will say that this is just […]


No Ice


Christmas in Bermuda means parties. Lots of them. One of the downsides of that is the post-party hangover. If you are drinking cocktails or shorts, it is often worsened when bartenders fill the glass with ice. I used to be a bartender, I know why it is done – to maximise profits. But it also […]

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After watching the latest Bond movie, Casino Royale, I was thinking about some of the exotic locations it was shot in. It made me think about how a Bond movie would be if it was filmed in Bermuda. This is what I came up with…The High Speed Chase – would take place at a breakneck […]


It is Friday, which allows me to indulge some of my random thoughts and observations for the week. Firstly, I saw two headlines on CNN this week which made me ponder: 1) Suicide Grandmother – this is a headline I never thought I would see 2) New Developments: Iraq out of control – since when […]

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