Vanity Fur


Being in NYC always opens my eyes to things new and unknown. The financial district has it’s fair share of beauty salons, massage parlours and the like. But there were a couple of vanity-related services I had never seen before: Eyebrow ThreadingNow when you have eyebrows which are as unruly as mine (think Dennis Healey), […]


Sunday. 7:30pm. Newark Liberty Airport. The US of A. Our hero sinks into the back seat of a beaten up yellow cab for his trip to Gotham. “Wall Street”, he intones, somewhat exhausted from the journey. The driver, unkempt, stares quizzically into the rear-view mirror. “War Street? Me know no War Street”. “The New York […]

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Yes, you know it has been a bad day in paradise when: a) you end up eating dry cereal with cheese for breakfast because the milk has gone off b) you get out of the shower only to find that the towel you are using was slept on by the cat last night, so you […]


Blue and Tasty


In the past I have raved about Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness. It is so good I could run it into my veins via an intravenous drip. I have now found something even better. Not surprisingly, it is from the same producer, but this time it is blue. It is called Blue Goodness, and can only […]


Another day, another MRI. It’s not the first time I have had one of these, but it is probably surprising to my readers that they have never wanted to look at my head. This time it was my ankle – apparently I have some alien-like growths forming – someday soon I will be an entry […]

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A long time ago I was in the bar trade, and as such I made a point of frequenting numerous drinking establishments to undertake, um, competitive analysis. One of the things I realised was that the men’s bathroom i.e. “the gents”, was a direct reflection upon the nature of the bar itself. The worse the […]

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Happy New Year! ‘Tis the season for diets and dynamic gym sessions. It’s also the time when people offload their unwanted unhealthy foods in at the office in the hope that others will eat them. Usually this is a box of chocolates or a tin of biscuits (cookies), but it is a puzzle to me […]

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