Vanity Fur


Being in NYC always opens my eyes to things new and unknown. The financial district has it’s fair share of beauty salons, massage parlours and the like. But there were a couple of vanity-related services I had never seen before:

Eyebrow Threading
Now when you have eyebrows which are as unruly as mine (think Dennis Healey), I can see that you may want to style them, add some product etc. But threading? Is that like putting plaits in them? Sounds intriguing.

Wig Reweaving
Normally if a rug wears out you buy a new one – I mean carpets here. So why wouldn’t you do the same with a wig? Let’s face it, if they try and rework it you probably have more chance of looking like “The Donald“. Which is not a good thing.

3 Responses to “Vanity Fur”

  1. eyebrow threading – they use a thread to remove hair in order to shape the eyebrow.

  2. The person doing the threading takes a long piece of regular thread and keeps the spool in one hand. Miraculously, she manages to pull out the wayward hairs. Much less painful and irritating than waxing. Usually cheaper too.

    Have fun in NYC. I’m about 30 miles away, waving in your general direction. Love to Hamish.

  3. Threading is the only way. Hurts a little more as it’s drawn out more than waxing but wax has a tendency to take my skin with it.