The Replacement


One of the things I considered whilst on holiday recently was to have Hamish go to the office in my absence. The way I see it, it would have saved 5 vacation days for me, a trip to the vet’s office for an extended stay for him, and I am not sure if anyone would […]


Holiday Hiatus


I have been off. Learning to snowboard in Utah. No time for blogging whilst on the slopes. No time for photos without breaking my camera. Plenty of time on my rear end after falling over. Plenty of time sitting in airports waiting for connecting flights. Fortunately, wearing a snowboarding helmet covers up my grey hair, […]


Black & White


Arriving back from the US to Bermuda was quite a surprise this time around. As many of you know, when you arrive at the immigration queue, you are directed into a Resident or Non-Resident line. This is to separate the tourists from the inhabitants. It always gave me a nice feeling to walk to the […]