No arking


I am challenged. Some would say urinally challenged. The problem is, I cannot pee. The issue, you may be glad to hear, is just confined to my Blackberry. The “P” key no longer works very well. So when I thumb-type an email it comes out all wrong. Sample sentence from a recent email: “Lease accept […]

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The office I work at has parking. That’s a good thing, as parking in “downtown” Hamilton is becoming increasingly difficult these days. There are more cars on the roads, and more of those cars seem to be SUVs which take up too much space, unlike my diminutive roller skate. So when I decide to bring […]

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In the Pink


I am a big fan of the colour pink: – I like to wear pink shirts– I also like to wear Thomas Pink shirts (and pink Charles Tyrwhitt shirts)– One of my friends even tells me that I “smell pink” (or is that purple? I think it’s purple) Pink is also a traditionally Bermudian colour […]


St. Patrick’s Day. Not St. Pats. Not St. Patty. Not even Paddy’s Day. I hate it when people can’t get it right. But what’s worse than people getting the name wrong? Not serving a decent pint of Guinness, especially when you pretend to be an Irish bar in Bermuda. That’s downright ridiculous. That’s all I […]

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Stop Go Man


There’s a phenomenon here in Bermuda I call the “Stop Go Man”. That’s a chap who stands at the site of any roadworks with a Stop/Go sign in his hand directing traffic. I often wonder how you become the “Stop Go Man” on a construction crew. Is it just luck of the draw for that […]