Riding to the squash court earlier in the week I was caught behind a truck full of cut grass and industrial strimmers (aka garden string trimmer). As it pumped out gasoline fumes the rain came down and I was reminded of my days between school and college… I used to cut grass on a British […]

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Last week a man at the Bermuda LF Wade International airport ran amok in the immigration hall, damaging a Yamaha synthesizer and slightly denting a Fender guitar in the process. Two airport musicians were taken to hospital suffering from shock. The man, an expatriate and Bermuda resident, had just returned from a ten day vacation […]

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These days, technology moves at light speed. If you manage to get your product on the “surge curve”, as I call it, you are onto a surefire winner. One of the best ways of getting on the curve is via word of mouth. In Bermuda, because it’s so small, that phenomenon is even more apparent. […]

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Face it


OK, so I have to admit that I finally set myself up with a Facebook profile last week. (Note – you need to have an account to see the Facebook links). The funny thing is that as I was browsing the groups I noticed one called Imma go up Ice Queen and get me some […]

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