Signs and Slogans


When I was younger I used to love inserting a single word in a sign or slogan to try and make it mean something completely different from the original. Now I try and do something similar with advertising slogans. I try and use one word to make the slogan or hook line really capture the […]

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Gold, Baby


I think it’s time. It’s time to renegotiate my compensation package with my employer. Forget about US Dollars, my current compensation currency. Don’t suggest Sterling now Gordon Brown is at the helm of the UK economy. And definitely don’t insult me with Euros. Those damn Europeans use those. What I need to be paid in […]

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I have written before about how I am a sucker for good advertising. The better the pitch, the more I am hooked, especially for things I don’t really need. Well, the other night I was hooked by an infomercial from Chevy, thirty minutes of solid gold advertising about one truck – the Chevy Silverado. The […]

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I have just spent a week sailing in Annapolis. What a great spot. Some of the best sailing conditions in terms of variety. I returned to Bermuda to find that my washing machine was (still) not working correctly. The issue with the washing machine is that the timer is broken. It won’t move on between […]

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