TV Non-Sense


When I watch TV I am always trying to rationalise what I am looking at and work out whether it really makes any sense. Obviously some channels and shows (Fox, CSI) are so wildly out of this world that I just have to switch off my “TV Filter“, but with other channels and shows it […]

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Food Inventions


I am always amazed at what people invent. So imagine my surprise wandering around the DIY store yesterday when I saw what looked like clear sunglasses. Upon close inspection they turned out to be Onion Goggles. Yes, you read that right. Clear sunglasses with a foam seal to stop your eyes filling up with tears […]




I have written before about the fact that I am a big fan of good shirts – specifically Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. They may cost slightly more than something similar from Marks and Spencer, but the additional cost is worth it. Case in point: The other night I was sitting at home afer work looking through […]

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Weathered & Beaten


Yesterday I came to a stark realisation – my nails are too long for manual labour. For years I was a nail biter, but I stopped about 6 years ago, and since then my nails have been (relatively) well manicured – for a guy, anyway. Yesterday I was helping out fixing a boat up for […]

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Panama Experiences


On my recent trip to Panama I had all sorts of great experiences. The people are extremely friendly, even to a Gringo with little or no Spanish, the food was superb – especially the cuatro leches at Las Barandas, and the countryside is beautiful – especially El Valle and Boquete. There were a number of […]


I have recently spent a few weeks in Panama. During my time there I was able to travel out of Panama City to different parts of the country. It really is a fascinating place – the contrast between the hustle and bustle of the city and the solitude of the rest of the country is […]

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