OK, here”s a disclaimer up front: I am married, and have owned a boat, so I feel more than suitably qualified to talk about those two subjects, but having only been a father for two weeks, maybe I am not best qualified to talk about babies. But, I have been an expectant father for the […]

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New Arrival


I am proud to announce the birth of Conor Michael Quinn. He crossed the start line on time and at full speed at 8:42am on Friday May 9th. At the weigh in he came in at 7lb 11oz. Mother and child are both doing well. Father is ecstatic.


I love power tools. They make me feel more masculine. So the move to the new place has meant that I can buy some new power tools. One of those purchases is a drill. Now, my last drill has been lying in an attic in West Sussex for the past three years, so I have […]