Motor Mania


Like most red-blooded males, I am a big fan of most things automotive. Watching Top Gear on BBC America is great, but they tend to be a little behind, so a recent trip back to Blighty allowed me to get up to date as there is a TV Station which runs 2 hours of TG per day. It’s actually a very funny show which also happens to be supremely popular – I read the other day that one of the most common internet searches is “Who is the Stig?”.

I have recently found another great online car resource – OnCars. They have a great selection of quick and in-depth tests, the production qualities are excellent and their presenter is good.

Having a new son also allows me to indulge my inner boy and relive my childhood as far as toys are concerned. Recently I stumbled across Automoblox and their great wooden toys with unbelievable design cues. I now know what Conor will be getting for Christmas (along with his Scalextric track)

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