Imagine the scene – Our hero arrives home from work late, after a tough day at the office. There is a lightning bolt strike in his head as a migraine kicks in to full effect. His pain is visceral. He needs relief – fast. He sheds his clothes, slips into his dressing gown and starts […]

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Looking Back


Last year was a learning experience for me. Becoming a father exposes you to so many new things and experiences, and I was exposed to some very interesting items which I would never have wanted to know about otherwise, such as: Butt Paste – yes, it does what it says on the tin (or in […]

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2008 has been a life-changing year, what with the arrival of Monkey Boy into our lives. That has meant less photography, although I do have a new muse (Hamish is not impressed). I have also been blogging less – updating my Facebook status has basically taken the place of posting entries to my blog. So […]

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