Cold Case

Don't turn your head, Pretend they're all dead and gone by now

I have always wondered about being one of the detectives assigned to those Cold Case files. I assume that it is probably considered some sort of demotion – I can imagine the Captain saying:

“Well, you’re not very good at solving regular crimes, and your fashion sense sucks, so let’s give you some of those old cases to tackle. You can pretend to look wistfully back into the past whilst you waste taxpayer’s money”.

I would also imagine that having to spend all your time trying to solve old cases means a lot of abuse from colleagues who work on “current” crimes and don’t have to live in the past.

So what’s worse than being a cold case detective? Being an actor who plays a cold case detective. I imagine Kathryn Morris doesn’t get much of an opportunity to rub shoulders with the likes of William Petersen of CSI fame. He’s a big hitter with a lab and everything, whilst she just has a cupboard full of 60’s albums and bad clothing.

Actually, I bet there s probably some sort of league table for where your “cop show” ranks and how much pull you subsequently have as an actor. So CSI (the original) would be a tier one show, with tier one benefits to match. Law and Order is probably second division (especially now Lennie Briscoe is gone), with Cold Case relegated to league three. The only show ranking lower would probably be CSI:Miami, mainly because Horatio Caine is such a one-line plonker.

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  1. haha, i totally agree with you
    especially the part with Horatio…

  2. Cold Case looks like CSI just like anyother detective tv series,,: