Automoblox CS9 Berlinetta
I have said before that I am a big fan of cars. So when I found the Automoblox site, selling high quality wooden designs with style and innovative features, I was sold (for Conor, obviously).

So I ordered a sports car and a jeep, and when they arrived they were a big hit with the little boy. He would sit for at least 10 minutes (that’s a long time in toddler time) spinning the wheels and pulling them apart. Because they are so solid, he could throw them and they would not break. So after three months of surviving some heavy kiddie punishment, I was impressed enough to order a few more to add some variety to playtime.

This was where I made the mistake. Instead of being a good Dad and picking the fastest or sportiest of the models, I selected two based upon colours. That in itself is a schoolgirl error, but once they arrived I realised the error of my ways. I had ordered a pick up truck and a minivan (UK=people carrier). You don’t have to watch Jeremy Clarkson to know that Brits don’t like pick ups. They are big, low-tech gas-guzzling monsters. Not something you want you child to grow up liking.

But a minivan – that really takes the biscuit. I can imagine it now. Instead of Conor saying to his friends “Let’s see how fast it can go”, it will be “I wonder how many people can fit through the sliding doors”, or “Let’s see how practical it is”. So the task now is to undertake a Top Gear type challenge and turn the minivan into a convertible. It will be the only way I will be able to redeem myself (and it will give me a chance to use my power tools).

One Response to “Setting a bad example”

  1. Tom dude! Long time indeed…

    Your photos are even more striking than I remember. Perhaps you should revise your career in IT. I know I should. My career, that is, not yours. 🙂